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Commercial Fit Out Brisbane

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Moreton Bay Design - Your Trusted Partner for Commercial Fit Outs in Brisbane

Moreton Bay Design is a significant name in the realm of commercial fit outs in Brisbane, emerging as a trusted partner for businesses seeking unparalleled expertise and innovation. With a legacy of over 30 years in residential home design, our roots in Brighton, Queensland, anchor us firmly in the local landscape. Led by principal draftsman Michael Ingamells, we seamlessly blend creativity and functionality to craft bespoke fit-out designs tailored to your unique business needs.

Embarking on a journey of collaboration, Moreton Bay Design caters to diverse requirements, be it office or retail fit outs. Our extensive experience positions us as leaders in the industry, offering not just designs but comprehensive solutions that redefine your commercial spaces. Working closely with Engineers, Surveyors, Certifiers, and Town Planners, we ensure a harmonious fusion of aesthetics and functionality within your lifestyle and budget.

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Commercial Fit Outs in Brisbane - Transform Your Space with Moreton Bay Design

In the dynamic landscape of Brisbane's business environment, Moreton Bay Design emerges as the go-to solution for transformative commercial fit outs. Our seasoned team, under the guidance of Michael Ingamells, collaborates closely with clients to breathe life into their visions. From office overhauls to retail makeovers, our approach integrates creativity, functionality, and acute attention to detail, ensuring your space reflects your brand identity.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond creativity; we leverage the latest technology and techniques, ensuring a makeover and a revolution in your commercial space. With a pledge to deliver projects on time and within budget, we make your aspirations tangible, creating inspiring work environments that resonate with your business goals.

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Benefits of Choosing Moreton Bay Design for Commercial Fit Outs in Brisbane

Choosing Moreton Bay Design for your commercial fit outs in Brisbane is synonymous with choosing excellence, innovation, and a client-centric approach.

Expertise and Experience: With over 30 years of industry prowess, led by Michael Ingamells, our team navigates the intricacies of commercial design and construction with finesse.

Customised Solutions: We pride ourselves on delivering tailored solutions that harmonise with your unique business needs, creating designs that resonate with your brand.
Seamless Project Management: From meticulous planning to timely execution, our project management ensures a stress-free experience, precisely meeting your deadlines.

Compliance and Quality Assurance: We comply with industry standards, collaborating with professionals to ensure safety and quality that exceed expectations.

Innovative Design Solutions: Moreton Bay Design incorporates the latest trends and technologies, creating spaces that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional.

Cost-Effective Solutions: We balance high-quality work with budget considerations, and our solutions offer value for your investment.

We help you elevate your space with a dedicated, experienced team that goes beyond the ordinary.

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If you're seeking a reliable and experienced commercial fit out company serving Brisbane, Moreton Bay Design is your answer.


"I found Moreton Bay Designs by chance and I'm so glad I did! We knew what we wanted but not quite how to get there. Being a builder as well, Mike knows when one design element or layout will cost a lot more than another - even though they look similar! He saved us plenty and we got a great result. I would recommend him to anyone."

Jason D, Sandgate

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